20% off* online orders today (1/24).  Grower Spotlight – 30% off* all Prime Wellness products at all AYR dispensaries (1/25 - 1/27). * AYR dispensary deals/promotions and loyalty/rewards program are not valid at Nature’s Medicines’ dispensaries, cannot be stacked and exclude non-medicated products.

Get some fresh ayr, Pennsylvania.

Visit your local AYR* dispensary in Bryn Mawr, Gibsonia, Montgomeryville, New Castle & Plymouth Meeting.

Nature's Medicines* PA dispensaries are now part of the family in Bloomsburg, Selinsgrove & State College.

*AYR dispensary deals/promotions and loyalty/rewards program are not valid at Nature's Medicines dispensaries.

Seven Hills -

Pennsylvania's Finest.

Why Patients ❤️ to Shop at ayr

Untitled-9 AYR - Plymouth Meeting
“Simply the best deals and a great selection! The staff is friendly & knowledgeable, and the store is clean and welcoming!”
Untitled-9 AYR - New Castle
“Very friendly knowledgeable staff. If you're new to this, don't worry! One visit and the staff will have you thinking you've been doing this for years.”
Untitled-9 AYR - Gibsonia
“A very wonderful experience. Could just be one of my new favorite places to go. The 1st time patient 30% discount is great!”
origyn-thumb-1 Origyn Extracts
"Gorilla Glue #5 Badder is something special! Origyn has really been killing it in the concentrate game.”
revel-thumb-1 Revel
“Mai Tai x Zkittlez Cake from Revel, probably one of the best strains I had from them, and if you like purple punch, you’ll love this! 9/10”
seven-thumb-1 Seven Hills
"My first Seven Hills purchase and man was I impressed. The flower smelled super unique. A strong sour pine maple smell with some hints of citrus and fruit. The buds were gorgeous."
reddit-thumb Reddit - u/Sfull233
"These new batches of Revel are amazing. WOW."
reddit-thumb Reddit - u/tharmon23
"Just went to Ayr and went to leave and my budtender says another 30% sale next week. Not just one day, but Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!! Best dispo hands down in PA 200%"
Untitled-9 AYR - Gibsonia
"AYR actually cares about patients, hence all the sales and great deals. Plus AYR Gibsonia has the best staff! Very personable and always nice - never had a bad experience there"
Untitled-9 AYR - Plymouth Meeting
"I drove an hour and a half to get here the first time and had such an amazing experience that I will be making the trek back multiple times. Thank you for caring so much!"
"If you are within an hour from an AYR, I don't know why you would go to a different dispensary."

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